Thursday, January 2, 2020

Crown & Bridge in NSW - gold crown in Sydney- Crown & bridge in Parramatta

Crown & Bridge in NSW 

Crown & Bridge

Porcelain Fused to Metal PFM (VMK)

Classified according to the metal alloys being used: precious, semi-precious, and non-precious. PFM Crown and Bridge have been tried and tested for decades and offer strength, reliability, aesthetics, and good marginal fit.
Due to their metal foundations, PFM crowns are ideal for posterior teeth that are exposed to large masticatory forces. The foundation of the crown also serves as a supportive structure to tooth structures with extensive damage often caused by caries. 
Preparation for PMF crowns requires extensive tooth reduction, therefore may not be suitable for younger patients with large pulp chambers.
1. Greater compressive and tensile strength.
2. Minimal wear of surrounding teeth.
3. Long-term durability. 
4. Bio-compatible.
5. Strength for the long-span bridge.
6. Ability to block out discolored underlying tooth structure.

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